Made in Buenos Aires, Gustavo Mozzi’s music exhibits traces of the diversity of traditions which converged throughout centuries on the banks of the River Plate. Tango, milonga, murga, criollo and European-heritage genres – a palette in which local colors and cosmopolitan spirit blend, as in a busy harbor- are subtly present in Mozzi’s works. In rephrasing these traditions he illuminates them and places them (with a load of almost movie-like images) in a suggestively indefinite time and in a precise setting, the southern landscape of a sleepless Buenos Aires.


Composition, arrangements, guitars and direction: Gustavo Mozzi

With the special participation of Néstor Acuña, Carlos “Negro” Aguirre, Jorge Bergero, Damián Bolotin, Marcos Cabezaz, Adriana González, Facundo Guevara, Alejandro Herrera, Lucrecia Jancsa, Gustavo Liamgot, Guido Martínez, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Amado Monjes, Federico Mozzi, Hugo Pierre, Sonia Possetti, Quinteto Ventarrón, Miguel Angel Varvello, Horacio Romo, Roberto Tormo.  

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