Estuario is the last of an orchestral trilogy starting with Los ojos de la noche and followed by Matiné. Each new album deepens as well as broadens the outline of a personal language.

Gustavo Mozzi’s works, pervaded by images, trace a poetic and circular journey: they invoke the landscapes inspiring them. It is porteño music, music of the city which rises over the horizon of flowing streams that become the estuary of the River Plate. Music taken and brought by the river: milongas from different places, walzes, tangos, candombe, murgas define the expressive landscape.

Estuario’s intensity derives from the sound and counterpoint framework of its writing, from the vertigo inspiring the succession of melodic ideas, from the unexpected turns which transfigure familiar sounds; all of this is crossed by the hard-to-grasp art of popular interpretation of a typical made-to-purpose orchestra.

Taking the region’s genres as a starting point, these pieces configure a universe which is simultaneously recognizable and unclassifiable, based on an orchestral conception, organized by its own rules and imbued of the energy characteristic of originality.

A group of exceptional soloists dives into this universe with the temperamental and virtuoso pulse that consecrates Estuario’s vitality: Juan José Mosalini, Pablo Agri, Fernando Suárez Paz, “Mono” Izarrualde, Facundo Guevara, Lautaro Greco, Nicolás Ledesma, Abel Rogantini, Hugo Pierre, Guido Martínez, Richard Nant, Damián Bolotin, Pablo La Porta, Juan Pablo Navarro and others.  

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