Café de los Maestros was created in 2004 as a meeting place of the doyens of tango: a reserve of the most genuine stock of orchestras and vocalists. Pianists of the silent movie era, composers of the repertory’s classics, international celebrities, cult artists, spokespersons of historic styles converge in the project, among them: Aníbal Arias, Ernesto Baffa, Osvaldo Berlingieri, Gabriel Clausi, Emilio De La Peña, Ubaldo De Lio, Leopoldo Federico, Oscar Ferrari, Carlos García, Juan Carlos Godoy, Carlos Lazzari, José Libertella, Virginia Luque, Mariano Mores, Alberto Podestá, Lágrima Ríos, Horacio Salgán, Atilio Stampone, Fernando Suárez Paz.

The creators of Café de los Maestros are two musicians and producers who have long had ties with the popular music of national identity: Gustavo Santaolalla and Gustavo Mozzi.

A double album, a book, a film and memorable concerts in America, Europe and Asia have positioned Café de los Maestros as a collective project which places genre tradition above individualities. Together with the invaluable memory of late artists who have left their legacy, the sounds of new members converge in this veteran’s group of inexhaustible inspiration. The arrival of these new artists confirms the spirit of Café de los Maestros, which does not dwell in melancholy nor close itself upon a handful of names: it is the natural destiny of the greatest artists of the genre, the other face of tourist fraud. It is the arena where the best music of the 40s and 50s is more than just a nostalgic echo. It is where vintage voices renew their youthful feats with the latitude provided by experience.