Humor, tango, emotion are part of a film, directed by María Verónica Ramìrez, revealing the hidden soul of Buenos Aires through the eyes of some of the most distinguished artist of Argentinian animation and graphics. In the manner of Scorses, Coppola and Allen’s New York Stories, the four tales in Ánima Buenos Aires reflect the different profiles and nooks of the city from the original aesthetics of Caloi, Nine, Pablo Rodríguez Jáuregui and the Faivre siblings (Florencia and Pablo). A couple of dancers, sketched by Juan Pablo Zaramella and Mario Rulloni, connects the chapters –teeming with tango legends seeking their dream-woman, neighborhood butchers overwhelmed by competition, teenagers who paint the city in the colors of their love and dying criminals- tracing animated choreographies on the city’s walls. 2D animation, collage, photomontage, animated stencils and even some live action combine with a refined handling of humor, the absurd and poetry in a film of great artistic and conceptual value.


Gustavo Mozzi was called to compose part of the original music (together with the renowned Rodolfo Mederos and Fernando Kabusacki) and is also the film’s musical producer.

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